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System requirements for paperless posting

For the processing of documents in NTCS FIAC (paperless posting/II-control), the general system requirements apply, unless other system requirements are explicitly specified, such as for OCR processing.

OCR processing

For OCR processing or processing of QR codes on the computer, we recommend different hardware requirements than our general system requirements. Among other things, we recommend a powerful workstation in order to achieve a faster performance for OCR processing.

In terminal server mode, you should make sure that sufficient CPU and memory resources are allocated for each user who works with OCR recognition. The same applies for processing via the OCR batch.


  • Workstation: Intel Pentium i5 or higher
  • Terminal server: The current Intel XEON CPU 
  • At least 4 GB of freely available memory for OCR recognition or the OCR batch
  • For OCR recognition, you must use BMD Scan Next.
  • We recommend to perform document processing in BMD Scan Next on a local drive.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 with .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10 or an up-to-date terminal server OS with .NET Framework 4.6.2 or higher


Preparing documents for scanning with OCR raises both speed and hit rate of the OCR recognition. Specially created document scanners and the image improvement programs, that are often provided, are decisive for a fast and exact processing with OCR recognition.

Operating a USB scanner via a terminal server or in ASP mode

With a special program, you can connect the scanner installed on your computer with the terminal server or ASP via BMD Scan Next.
The software BMD Remote App can be downloaded via and must be installed on the computer to which the scanner is connected.


  • Subsequently, the scanner must be registered in BMD Scan Next via the IP address.
  • The IP address must be set to static, so that the scanner can be found again when restarting the computer.
  • For this, a scanner that supports TWAIN with a 32-bit driver is required. This software must be installed on any computer connected to the scanner.

Recommended scanners in terminal/ASP mode

For terminal or ASP environments, the following scanners are recommended if scanning with the BMD Remote App is not possible (due to weak clients or thin clients with an alternative operating system): Kodak Scanstation 710 or BMDScanStation.
These scanners can be used independent of drivers as all image enhancements are performed at the scanner and not at the computer.

For advice, the purchase of recommended devices and their installation, we highly recommend a CRM appointment in advance. We are happy to answer any questions you may have under Please note that costs may incur for a setup appointment or a longer consultation.


Experience has shown that 2 monitors with 22 inches (ideally 24 inches or more) are recommended for working with documents very efficiently. In this case, the monitor must support two monitors.

Special feature/workflow

Via BMD Scan, certain documents are stored separately in a predefined path (storage path) via the storage directory. The documents can then be assigned e.g. in NTCS FIAC (e.g. incoming invoice control, posting).


System requirements


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