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System requirements for BMD web applications


1.1.    Prerequisites

The following requirements must be met for the BMD web applications (BMD Com, BMD Web, BMD Online application, BMD Go, BMD Web service): 

1.2.    Hardware requirements

  • A web application can process up to 30 concurrent users. If more concurrent users are needed, load balancing (with several web applications) must be set up. To do so, please contact the BMD tech department: 
  • Recommended specifications:
    • Intel Xeon E5 v3 with CPU >= 4 cores and >= 2.4 GHz base frequency
    • RAM >= 6 GB

1.3.    Operating system requirements

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
    in any case with all security updates and .NET Framework 4.8
  • The IIS application pool must be run in 32-bit mode.
    Therefore, we recommend not to run other web applications on the server.

1.4.    Network requirements

  • The web server must be accessible via a public address (e.g.
    The necessary configuration must be done by the customer (firewall port forwarding and creation of DNS records).
  • The web server has to be accessible via an encrypted SSL connection. The required public certificate must be provided by the customer.
    Please note! The certificates must be included in Apple's list of "Trusted certificates" for iOS devices to be able to check them correctly.
    Refer to: List of available trusted root certificates in iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS 14, tvOS 17, and watchOS 10 - Apple Support (GU)
  • The web applications can also be run on the BMD Application server.
    For security reasons, however, we recommend a dedicated web server.
  • The web server must be granted access to the BMD database and to certain BMD services. If it is run in a DMZ, the following ports and communication channels must be unlocked:
    • SQL Server 
      • default instance – TCP 1433
      • named instance – TCP port acc. to SQL Server Configuration Manager
    • SQL Browser – UDP 1434; only required for SQL named instance
    • BMDNTCSSvc – TCP 81 by default
    • BMDNTCSSOAPService – TCP 1222 by default
    • TCP port for sending emails via SMTP acc. to the parameters set in BMD NTCS
  • A lot of data will be exchanged between the web server and the database. Therefore, the web server must be in the same location as the database and must not be run by an internet provider! The bandwidth between the database server and the webserver must be at least 100 Mbit and latency must be below 5 ms.
  • We recommend a bandwidth of at least 1 Mbit (synchronous) per active user.

1.5.    Client requirements

  • We recommend the web browsers Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome for the client. 
  • If you experience any display or application problems with other popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Opera, please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome instead. 


System requirements

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