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Setting up BMD Go on an iPhone

Search for the app BMD Go in the "App Store" and install it.

BMD Go in the App Store
QR code for downloading BMD Go

Once you have successfully completed the installation, you can open the app.


You can log in using the QR code or by manually entering the server URL and the BMD NTCS login details.

BMD Go login screen
BMD Go needs access to the camera

You can find the QR code here (you will have to allow BMD Go access to your camera).


The website has to be accessible from the internet and must be protected with a valid certificate. The URL could be as follows: 


Next, set your personal PIN code.

Setting the PIN code

You can enable biometric unlock for BMD Go in the settings in the top right-hand corner.

Welcome screen with arrow pointing to settings
Settins with arrow pointing to "Security"
Security settings

The set-up is now complete and you can access time recording (the settings are saved automatically).


You can also change the BMD NTCS password in the app using "Change password".

Settings with arrow pointing to "Change password"

The functions "Quick time recording" and "Time recording" allow you to make new time recordings.

Welcome screen with functions "Quick time recording" and "Time recording"

You can use the function "Quick time recording" to make new time recordings, e.g. of the type "Teleworking" or "Further training".

Screen showing time recording types "Teleworking", "Further training", etc.

If you do not want to store your GPS location when posting, you have to remove this permission for BMD Go in the iOS settings.

iOS settings


App BMD Go

BMD Rendszerház Kft.

Madarász Viktor utca 47-49

1138 Budapest

+36 (1) 235 7090

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