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BMD Cloud Parallels Client (macOS)

1. Installing The Parallels Client

2. Configuring The Mac Operating System

     2.1. Keyboard layout

     2.2. Allowing access

3. Configuring The Parallels Client

     3.1. Printers

     3.2. Connecting a local drive

     3.3. Configuring the connection manually

     3.4. Display settings


Technická Dokumentace

1. Installing The Parallels Client

The Parallels Client is required for connecting to the BMD Cloud server. As opposed to a regular RDP Client, the old session will be continued if the system crashes or the connection is interrupted unexpectedly. Please download the Parallels Client from the App Store if possible. 
>> Not to be confused with Parallels Desktop! <<

As an alternative, the download link is available on our FTP server: 

You can find a compilation of all software downloads and their installation guides under the following link: 

After the installation, the Parallels Client will be available as a new app in the menu of your Mac.

When first opening the Parallels Client, you have to set up a new connection. 
Download and import the settings using the following link: 

PLEASE NOTE! If you import this file, already existing entries will be overwritten! Use this file only for clean installations or if you want to overwrite the previous settings!


If you want to set up the Parallels Client manually or if you have to adjust settings at a later point in time, please skip this section and continue with 3.3. Configuring the connection manually.


When you double-click on the new connection, the login screen opens.

When establishing the connection, a shortcut will automatically be created on the desktop, which allows you to directly access the Parallels login screen.

You can remove this desktop shortcut or generate a new one as desired.

To do so, the BMD Cloud icon must be marked as a favourite (blue star).

Technická Dokumentace

2. Configuring The Mac Operating System

Technická Dokumentace2.1. Keyboard layout

Set the keyboard layout to "German – Standard" or "ABC – QWERTZ" and click on "Add".
Austrian is not supported.


Technická Dokumentace2.2. Allowing access

Allow the Parallels Client Full Disk Access and access to Files and Folders under System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy.


3.    Configuring The ParallelTechnická Dokumentaces Client

3.1.    PrinterTechnická Dokumentaces

You can access the Connection Properties via the respective connection by clicking on the symbol.

Select the setting RAS Universal Printing under "Technology" in the tab "Printing". Under Redirect Printers, select Specific only and then tick the respective printer.

PLEASE NOTE! Printer compartment control and duplex settings do not work.
Never select all printers. PDF printers are not compatible.
Shared printers cannot be mapped in the Cloud.


If no printer is available here:

  • Check the Full Disk Access.
  • If it has been granted,
    • either install the latest driver
    • or change to Microsoft Basic Printing Redirection.


More troubleshooting options:

  • Check the printer via the settings of the default printer (see image below).
  • Double-check the printer name → it must be correct.
  • Print a test page in the BMD Cloud.
  • Check the printer in the Parallels Client if there is a timeout.
  • Check the Full Disk Access if there is an error message.
  • No print, no error message → the driver is not correct.


3.2.    Connecting a local drive

The Parallels Client allows you to connect a local drive directly from your Mac and make it available in the cloud. You can add the respective folder in the Connection Properties in the tab Local Resources.

Next, you have to select the required directory. Your Mac might ask you for permissions again.


Technická Dokumentace3.3. Configuring the connection manually

You can create additional connections in the Parallels Client and preconfigure them for different users.

Primary connection AT172.19.19.11
Primary connection DE172.27.6.1
Primary connection CH172.29.0.21
Connection modeDirect connection


PLEASE NOTE! If you do not access by means of VPN but an extra activation of the public IP address was established for you (which is an exception), you have to use "" as the primary connection and "Regular Gateway" with the port "89" as the connection mode.
For Germany, you will need "" and "" for Switzerland.


Technická Dokumentace3.4. Display settings

Go to the tab "Display" in the Connection Properties. Depending on your preferred configuration, you can reduce or increase the number of the monitors used for the cloud solution.

  • BMD Cloud environment only on main monitor
    • Enable Use primary monitor only
  • BMD Cloud environment on all monitors
    • Remove all check marks

If there are display issues, make the following settings in the tab Experience:
Usually, you can select the option LAN (10 Mbps or higher).

PLEASE NOTE! Bitmap caching should be enabled for the current Mac devices without a dedicated graphics card. For monitor setups with varying scaling, different resolutions and/or a high-resolution display, customer-specific display problems cannot be ruled out.


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