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FAQ on the App BMD Go

1. How can I get the app BMD Go?

You can download the app BMD Go in the Google Play Store for Android and in the Apple App Store for iOS. BMD NTCS version 2022.25.01 or 2022.25.02 including the respective latest web updates is required for the app to run smoothly.


2. How do I get my login details?

Before you can use the app BMD Go, you first have to store the required login details in the settings. You can either enter the login details manually or conveniently log in using a QR code.

How to log in:



Log in using a QR code (recommended)


You can conveniently log in using a QR code that contains your BMD Mobile login details. For this purpose, the URL to the web server must be stored in the parameters (Overview of all Tools parameters – BMD Com/Web/Mobile – General settings – General – Url to own BMD Com/Web/Mobile server. For information on where to get the QR code for the login, please refer to sections a, b and c because this depends on the BMD program that you are using.


Manual entry

Server: Enter here the URL provided by your administrator or BMD Com operator. If you are using BMD Web or BMD Com, you have to enter the same URL that you use to access BMD Web or BMD Com in the browser. Please make sure that it contains "/bmdweb.dll" or "/bmdcom.dll" at the end (e.g. webserver/bmdweb/bmdweb.dll). For older versions, the DLL might still be called "bmdweb2.dll" or "bmdcom2.dll".


User name: Enter here the user name that you use to log in to BMD NTCS, BMD Web or BMD Com on your computer.


Password: The password that you use to log in to BMD NTCS, BMD Web or BMD Com on your computer (after you have changed the initially provided password).

a) BMD NTCS users
Start BMD NTCS and open the window Tools → Login details → BMD Mobile access code:


b) BMD Web users
Open BMD Web, go to the settings at the top right of the window and select "BMD Mobile access code":


The window "BMD Mobile access code" contains the QR code to be scanned.

c) BMD Com users / clients of tax advisors
Open BMD Com, go to the settings at the top right of the window and select "BMD Com login code":



3. Can I still use the BMD Mobile app?

Existing BMD Mobile installations will still be available on all devices. For the time being, BMD Mobile will still be available in the app stores. However, BMD will only fix errors and no longer provide new features for BMD Mobile. Any changes that may be required due to new operating systems or smartphone models, will no longer be implemented for BMD Mobile. We therefore recommend switching to BMD Go eventually.


4. Will the appearance or the functionality of the app be different?

Yes, it is a completely new app which also has new functions. However, users who are familiar with BMD Mobile should be able to continue working seamlessly as all existing functions are also available in BMD Go. All you need to do is download the new BMD Go app in the app store and log in.


5. Does the communication between the app and the server change?

Yes, for BMD Mobile the communication is based on SOAP and for BMD Go it is based on REST.
All data that are required to use the new functions are transferred.


6. Does the licence model change?

No. If you are already using the BMD Mobile app, you can seamlessly switch to BMD Go.


App BMD Go

BMD Systemhaus GesmbH

Sierninger Straße 190

A-4400 Steyr

+43 50 883 or 0043 7252 883

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