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BMD Scan with a local scanner in BMD Cloud

1. General information

To use BMD Scan with a local scanner in BMD Cloud, you have to adjust the settings in the Parallels Client and in the BMD NTCS session.

2. Settings

2.1. Required settings in the Parallels Client

To adjust the settings, open the Parallels Client, right-click on the connection BMDASP and select Connection Properties.

Connection BMDASP
Option "Connection Properties"

Go to the tab Scanning and under Technology set “Use” to the driver type TWAIN. Under RAS Universal Scanning, set “Redirect Scanners” to Specific only. 
Select your scanner in the area below, click on “OK” and then close all open windows with “OK”.


Note: If the tab Scanning is not available in the connection properties of your Parallels Client, please contact the BMD tech team to unlock it for you.

Connection Properties - BMD ASP

2.2. Required settings in BMD NTCS

Now, log in to BMD Cloud as usual and start BMD NTCS. Under “DMS”, select “BMD Scan” and go to the tab “Settings”.

Tab "Settings" under BMD Scan

Click on Select scanner. If RemoteScan is activated in the window that opens, deactivate it. Under Scanner selection, select your scanner in the combo box and set the interface to TWAIN before confirming your entries by clicking on OK.

Option "Select scanner"
Settings to be adjusted unter "Scanner selection"

After this, the setup is complete and you can use the scanner as usual with the function in the tab Start.

Using the function "Scan document"

Next, the dialogue of the local scanner control opens. You have to make some adjustments here to improve processing speed and performance.

Scan Shortcut Settings
Detailed Scan Shortcut Settings

You should first check the settings and adjust them so that only the required resolution can be selected. Moreover, you should adjust the scan settings so that the required storage is about 250 KB to 500 KB for a DIN A4 page in black and white.

Scan preview

If you now scan your document, it will be transferred to BMD NTCS.


In BMD NTCS, you can right-click to open the settings and check the document size.


2.2.1.    Scanning in BMD NTCS without a scanner dialogue

If you want to scan your documents without a scanner dialogue, you can go to the tab “Settings” and disable the option Display scanner dialogue.

Option "Display scanner dialogue"

You do, however, have to define the scanner settings under Scanner default settings for this.

Adjusting the scanner default settings


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