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In order to be able to use BMD products successfully, there are clearly defined system requirements, which also include the requirements of the operating system. 

The detailed prerequisites can be found in the section "System Requirements". A direct installation of BMD or a BMD client on Mac is unfortunately not possible. However, there are various alternatives. 

In order to be able to work successfully with BMD products on a Mac terminal, there are a number of different approaches. We highly recommend the use of Cloud Services, which are also the most suitable option. 


  1. You choose the BMD cloud services and use BMD products in the ASP environment. BMD Cloud Services are an IT solution operated by BMD Technik. You have the possibility to directly connect to our server using a secure connection and an access program. Here you can use all BMD products in your own individual environment. The required access program can be obtained free of charge from the Internet (just search the internet for Remotedesktop + Mac). If you are interested, you can find more information on the BMD Cloud Services on our homepage. 
  2. You implement the BMD Software yourself via a Windows terminal server. If it was already necessary to deploy other programs in your network via a Windows Terminal Server, you only need to check the system requirements, to see whether BMD products can be installed on your network too. 
  3. For MAC devices with a MAC operating system (with Intel processors), there are virtualization solutions for Windows programs. These solutions always work according to the same principle. A PC will be simulated and on this virtual PC a real Microsoft Windows operating system will be installed (ATTENTION! Of course a valid Windows license is necessary!). Therefore, BMD software can then be installed on Windows. For increased user-friendliness, products such as "VMWare Fusion" allow you to start the programs as if they were running directly on your MAC. That means that tabs and windows look as if the program was directly installed on your MAC. However, the disadvantage of this solution is that you need both the virtualization program and your own Windows license. 


In conclusion, it can be said that the use of BMD on a MAC device can be implemented by either using a terminal server or a virtualization solution. However, BMD Cloud services are the fastest way to get a reliable, maintenance-free and powerful BMD environment running on MAC. 



General technical documentation

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