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Using BMD Cloud Services

Your benefits

  • Our BMD tech staff takes care of hardware support and periodic renewal of systems.
  • Local servers are not needed, and workstations do not have to be retrofitted constantly.
  • The software can be used anywhere via internet access, such as when out of office or at a client.
  • Updates are always deployed as soon as they are available. This means the system always runs the latest state of the art software with all legal or programmatic changes available.
  • Our technical team takes care of Backing up Data. All statutory retention periods for data backups are also complied with.
  • The entire data backup is kept redundant.
  • Data is located in a state-of-the-art and certified datacenter in Austria.
  • The entire data is stored on AllFlash arrays. Thus, providing the full speed of modern SSD drives at your disposal

Pricing and usage options

Choose usage option from 4 variants possible on our BMD Cloud services.


More on pricing and usage options

Facts on the BMD Cloud System

Our data center is located with Telekom Austria (A1) at an internet node in Linz/Upper Austria. All data in our datacenter is protected from unauthorized access by NTFS permissions. Access to data is logged (on request) accordingly. The backup of data is encrypted so that the tapes cannot be read without authorization.


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Cloud Services: What you should know

General information on BMD Cloud Service​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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