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The entire BMD business software on the Internet

BMD makes all its software products available via the Internet as BMDCLOUD Services (ASP). That is, on a BMD server, all BMD applications can run directly over the Internet without having the appropriate BMD software installed locally on a PC or server.




How safe is the BMDCLOUD?


Variants of the BMD Cloud Services 

Variant A: System Technology Basic Package 


The database server in the BMD data center can be directly accessed through BMD Netspeed. Start working within a few minutes by just installing the Netspeed application on your computer.

All BMD data is stored in the BMD datacenter and backed up on a regular basis. 

The BMD application is always kept up-to-date by the BMD tech department. Therefore, allowing total focus on the work at hand. 

For the connection to the BMD Data center, approximately 40Kbit bandwidth per active user must be available. 

Field representatives, clients or telecommuters can also work on the server immediately via the Netspeed client. 

It is also possible to have clients work on the Cloud server. (The client makes simple postings and the rest is finalized by the tax consultant) 

On the client side a simple Internet connection with no special requirements is all that is needed.  The Netspeed client must be able to connect directly to our server via a special port (5000). 



Variant B - System technology NTCS-without MSOffice: 

Access the Cloud system in the BMD Data center via a secure connection. To do this, the Terminal Server client (free of charge from Microsoft) must be installed on the client computer. Then work directly in the BMD data Center. The desktop running on the server is transferred to the local client, as if running it directly on the computer. All programs run on the virtual desktop of the server and do not require any local computer resources.


However, in the BMD Cloud system, only standard applications can be operated (BMD Netspeed, NTCS, Elda, Office, Acrobat Reader, WinZip). 

The entire administration is done by BMD. The servers are always kept up to date with the latest software. 


As in Variant A (Basic package), BMD takes care of the complete data backup.


Per active user 200kBits of bandwidth is needed. A fixed reserve of 500 kbit for printouts should be put into account. The latency of the line should not exceed 60ms. BMD uses bandwidth management.
This means that there is always sufficient bandwidth available for the operation of Cloud services. It cannot happen that printouts or data transfer consumes too much bandwidth. 


The cloud system is specially secured, there are 3 possibilities to access it: 

  1. Internet access has a fixed public IP address. The IP address is setup on the firewall of the Cloud system. From this point on, the Cloud servers can be accessed directly over the Internet. 
  2. If there is no fixed IP address, a VPN client must also be installed on the corresponding computers. The settings and the required software are provided by the BMD tech department. Field representatives can also work on the go as if they were in the office via a locally installed VPN client. 
  3. The best and most recommended option is to use a firewall that automatically builds a VPN tunnel to BMD. This firewall must also have bandwidth management to prevent, for example, an Internet download from slowing or blocking the connection to the Cloud server. Our tech department will be happy to check existing firewalls to see if the requirements are met. If this is not the case, we will create an offer for a suitable firewall upon request. 


Variant C - System technology NTCS-with MSOffice: 


In addition to Variant B, the rent of MSOffice and updates to new versions of MSOffice are included here. 


Variant D: System Technology Professional 

In addition to Variant C, there is a separate email server which runs Microsoft Exchange. This allows contacts, public folders, webmail and synchronization using handhelds (currently only ActiveSync) and BMD Organizer. 


The BMD tech department is responsible for managing and creating email addresses. Public folders and contact lists etc. can be managed by our clients. 


In this variant it is also possible to sync calendar and task entries as well as emails with mobile devices. Data is also synchronized immediately to BMD NTCS. This means that all users always see the most recent appointments. 


Fundamentals to BMD Cloud services:

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BMD Systemhaus GesmbH

Sierninger Straße 190

A-4400 Steyr

+43 50 883 or 0043 7252 883

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