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BMD Cloud security

By now, more than 2,750 customers rely on the trusted cloud services by BMD knowing that keeping your data secure is our greatest concern. You can trust that your information is safe in our hands.

Maximum security and control of your data

Your data is safe with BMD: Our state-of-the-art, certified data center is located at a Telekom Austria (A1) internet node in Linz, Upper Austria. All data is protected against unauthorized access by respective permissions. On request, access to data can be logged accordingly.  

Optional two-factor authentication helps making your data even more secure. A continuously changing code that is generated with an app on your phone can be used as a second security level, reducing the risk of weak or stolen passwords. The entire backup of your data is encrypted which guarantees that information cannot be read by unauthorized persons. Both the BMD Cloud and the data center are certified according to ISO 27001.

The data center is subject to strict access controls, admission to the server room being monitored 24/7 by the Telekom Austria security service. Double protection is achieved by an additional camera recording which also monitors the entry to the server room.

Protection from power failure, arson and fire

The whole data center is equipped with two separate electric circuits to which all devices are connected redundantly. Electric power supply via UPS and a backup power supply system guarantee a maximum level of security.

Moreover, your data is optimally protected against fire and arson.  In case of an emergency, the data center’s automatic fire extinguishing system releases a special gas that causes minimal damage to hardware infrastructures.

High-quality data backup

Your data is stored on a storage system with a redundant layout, specifically a HP 3PAR storage system with redundant controllers, power supply units, RAID system and memory mirroring. We also use Clean Pipe by A1, which actively monitors the connection for atypical network traffic and DDoS attacks. Another DDoS defense system completes our security net and allows for first-rate data security.

All data is backed up to hard disks several times a day, usually by making shadow copies every three hours. Additionally, the entire environment is backed up daily so that the data of the previous four weeks is available at all times.

Once a month, a complete data set is encrypted and transferred to an external tape drive which is stored within a vault in a different location. The backups are kept for at least seven years. This allow for access to older datasets, if required.

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Secure data management and lower investment costs with BMD Cloud


Fail-safe at all levels

All systems in the data center are equipped with Trend Micro, an up-to-date antivirus protection. To make the data center even more secure, a redundant firewall cluster protects against unauthorized access and hacking. In Austria you also have the option to establish a redundant connection via an MPLS line, i.e. a “private” network operated by Telekom Austria. 

The data center’s security precautions have been developed with a focus on fail-safe access to data. This is made possible by using SQL Server clusters and fileserver clusters as well as having a sufficient number of terminal servers available in a server farm. Moreover, all switches are designed for redundancy and configured to be fail-safe with Spanning Tree Protocol.
Thanks to these measures, the BMD Cloud services offer extensive data security at all levels.

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