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BMD NTCS update version in the FTP directory

For the sake of clarity, the file names of the BMD NTCS versions in the FTP download area include STABLE and LATEST.*

*You can request the respective version and/or access to the FTP area in the clientsinfo or using this e-mail address:


The additional file which you can see in the screenshot above provides you with information on the exact version. Naturally, both the STABLE and the LATEST versions have been tested and released for live operation in your company by our software development department.


The “older” STABLE version (in this example V2020.23.25.39) has already been in use for a longer time and therefore more customers have tried and tested it in live operation. The web update does not provide any new program features for the STABLE version but only corrections made to the program and adjustments due to legal changes. It can therefore be assumed that this version is more “stable” and generally has less errors than the LATEST version.


For the “younger” LATEST version (in this case V2020.23.26.21), the web update also provides new program features in addition to program corrections and legal changes. Since it is a newer version and due to the added program features, this version tends to be less sophisticated than the STABLE version.


If you download and install a more recent version, all functions of your previous version as well as the new features that have been developed for this version will be available to you.


Our installation routine prevents you from inadvertently installing a version that is older than your current version. Downgrading is therefore not possible, neither intentionally nor by mistake.




The version is an official delivery status and is provided either on a DVD or as an ISO file to download.


You need this DVD or ISO file in order to upgrade to a newer version of BMD NTCS. This is also called a version update.


Web update

The web update is also known as a PATCH. A patch or web update is used to maintain the version that has already been installed.


In the case of a web update, only the last digit of the version number changes. You cannot, however, update your BMD NTCS version with a web update.



Version V2020.23.25.39

This version was developed in the year 2020, which is the 23rd year of the program’s initial development. The development of this version started in calendar week 25 and up to this point it contains 39 patches/web updates.


The 2021 update for payroll accounting will likely have the following version number:
Version V2020.23.45.xx
The yearly update 2021 will likely have the following version number:
Version V2021.24.01.xx


NTCS Dokumentationen

BMD Česká republika
Komplexní informační technologie s.r.o.

Salvátorská 931/8

CZ-11000 Praha

BMD Česká republika
Komplexní informační technologie s.r.o.

Chelčického 15

CZ-37001 České Budějovice

+420 387 312 345

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