Project Management Services

Individual implementation plan

Based on many years of experience with software implementation projects BMD has developed a project plan standard for software implementations. This standard is customized with your individual requirements in the project initiation phase. The mixture of proven standard and flexible customization allows fast and cost effective development of your individual implementation plan.

Project Monitoring

In the project initiation phase your individual requirements for the project (objectives, environments, risks, etc.) are collected and recorded in the Project Manual. These requirements serve the project team as a guideline for all project decisions. Through periodic project controls possible deviations are identified early and measures are agreed and documented.
BMD project management software provides a cost-effective 360-degree view of the project.

Clearly defined responsibilities

The software implementation process is broken down into individual tasks. Each task is assigned to one responsible person. In addition the roles of the individual contributors are defined and a framework is set for the project.
This allows for efficient team formation of all involved parties (customer representatives, external and BMD-employees).

Standardized software implementation procedure

A wealth of individual methods have been developed for software implementations which are customized to your specific needs. The Project Manual provides extensive documentation and is adapted continuously (our sales team will gladly send you a sample Project Manual).
This approach allows to manage the project with a low project overhead.

Keeping your budget in focus

A software implementation can only be successful if the budget is adhered to. Through advance planning of the required hours and ongoing monitoring of the estimated versus actual cost of completion, deviations are detected early. BMD Project Management Software helps you keep your budget in focus any time and enables you to take measures early.

Above all we keep the customer at the centre of our attention in this process. True to our motto:

We think like our customers,
are geared to their needs
and are only satisfied if they are!

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