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Our Offer

BMD System Check

Is your system configured optimally? Be sure with BMD System Check! 

  • We examine your complete BMD installation.
  • We check any servers where BMD software is installed: 

    • Are the system parameters set correctly?
    • Is the database tuned optimally?
    • Does the server run without errors?
    • Is the performance in accordance with your hardware?

  • We analyse the workload of your server. 
  • We compare your system with current reference systems.

You receive specific instructions for improvement:

  • Is there any need to act?
  • What can be improved?

    • Memory bottlenecks
    • Hard drive bottlenecks

  • How does your system compare to other systems?
  • Could we identify any system configuration errors? 

The system check is conducted online via Citrix GoToAssist. Only an internet connection to the server is required.  

This is our offer to you:

BMD System Check for € 300 excl. VAT per physical server including protocol and suggestions for improvement. 
Prices by agreement for virtual systems

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