Resource scheduling

PEP includes features to create, plan and schedule basic or repetitive tasks/operations.

  • Create and plan tasks/operation
  • Define repetitive tasks; create tasks within planning period 
  • Schedule staff or re-engage past teams
  • Task planning, project planning or production planning – integrated and compatible

Staff capacity calculation

  • Define tasks with start, end, degree of service and service period
  • Define status and termination forecast. Use milestones to keep track of progress
  • Calculate available work force capacity; Available/Plan/Actual comparisons
  • Allocate tasks/operations using individual or capacity scheduling
  • Allocate staff by characteristics and/or competency using BMD PIS
  • Plan costs, revenue and cost types for engaged staff and transfer data to plan COAC
  • Use LEA/ZLE service recording to reference/save tasks and enable accurate plan/actual comparisons
  • Synchronize with Organizer: Optional or automatic entry of appointments/tasks with staff allocation
  • Gantt and planning tables

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