Time Recording Basic

Master data administration

  • Staff groups, IDs, booking types, daily and weekly models, departments, rounding models, religions, public holidays, CAs, settlement periods, break models, automatic booking types,...
  • Pre-planning and booking of vacation, seminars and out-of-office schedules
  • Password administration
  • Group list generator
  • Shift models and respective individual assessment


  • Online telephone list of all present and absent staff members
  • Online terminal information of scheduled appointments of absent staff members – link to client information system
  • Monthly journal: Global insight to posted times of all staff members (Plan and actual times, overtimes, compensatory time off) on a monthly basis or for a given time bracket
  • Daily journal: Global insight to posted times of an individual on a monthly basis or for a given time bracket
  • Daily view of time bookings of an individual for a given day
  • Display of modified bookings
  • Online chef info: view employee time bookings
  • Display evaluations of core time violations
  • Annual booking type assessment per employee
  • Graphic evaluation of booking types per employee
  • Booking data list generator


  • Booking to terminal or work station – key-clock not required, keyboard card swipe system also available
  • User-friendly post-bookings – either individual or collective bookings
  • Authority access system for all sub-programs
  • Confirmation of manual bookings by Manager with text entry
  • Booking to time recording terminal


  • Printout of daily bookings (Real time, rounded time)
  • Printout of discrepancies from daily plan
  • Monthly journal detailed
  • Monthly journal cumulative (sorted by staff number or department)
  • Printout of booking type sum per employee
  • Printout of unproductive hours per employee
  • Printout of selective booking types
  • Booking data list generator

Transfer to LEA

  • Automatic display of time bookings from time recording to Internal Service Settlement – Monitor LEA-Times and compare with data from time recording
  • Comprehensive evaluations in ISC and Time Recording
  • Automatic transfer and booking of unproductive times to LEA

Transfer to Payroll

  • Automatic transfer to Payroll with vacation and sick leave structure
  • User friendly and flexible evaluation using various formula generators

Transfer to Service Entry

Automatic transfer to SE (project cost accounting)

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