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BMD Time Recording

BMD Time Recording is used across all industries for companies of all sizes ranging from small retailers to large manufacturing facilities. Every Austrian collective agreement can be modelled using customizable time models and flexible formula generators.


Based on the time recorded BMD Time Recording automatically

  • Assesses overtime hours and splits it into taxable and tax free hours.
  • Calculates allowances (shift allowances, dirty-work allowance, …)
  • Administers non-working times (holiday, sick leave, doctor appointments, holidays, …)
  • Exports the data above to Payroll
  • Completely integrates into the BMD suite

The possibilities for recording working time are as flexible as your respective fields.

Entry on PC

Employees record their time using a mouse or keyboard either on their own PC or on a central PC stationed at the entrance.

Entry on Touchscreen terminal

Specially adapted for touch-screens that are intuitive to use and individually customized for your company.

Entry via card/barcode/fingerprint readers

PC or touchscreen terminals can be expanded to include barcode, card (transponder, chip) or biometric fingerprint readers.

Entry via terminal

BMD cooperates with many renowned terminal manufacturers such as Kaba Benzing, Gantner, Codatex. Configuration options range from simple recording device to complete data acquisition devices.

Industrial terminals are the best option due to the prevailing conditions in factories (dirt, dust, etc).

Time recording options for field services

See BMD-Modules Mobile time recording (telephone, app) or Web time recording.

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