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BMD Stock Administration - economic and transparent management of your stock

BMD Stock Administration ensures cost-effective stock management and guarantees readiness to deliver. It benefits greatly from the full integration into BMD InvoicingProcurement and POS-Cash. Work is efficient and no data has to be entered twice because of the integration to BMD Financial Accounting and  Cost Accounting.


  • Project stock levels considering future receipts and deliveries 
  • Manual entry of receipts and deliveries 
  • Automatic entry from invoicing, procurement and cash modules
  • Multiple location (multi-stock) Stock administration and bin location
  • Inventory, annual inventory at the end of the year, cut-off date inventory, inventory sampling as well as inventory valuation
  • Stock assessment

Multi stock

BMD Stock Administration allows you to manage an unlimited number of stock locations and shelves. In addition you can differentiate types of stocks such as raw materials, spare parts, repaired stock or a consignment stock.


With BMD Stock Administration you always have access to reports, analyses and statistics that you can display on screen or print out:

  • Stock level lists, order detail and MRP list 
  • Stock movement protocol according to various sorting criteria
  • Evaluation of differences between cost price and average price, stock life and stock turnover frequency
  • Stock statistics per item or article group with comparisons to previous months/years.
  • Inventory lists, bill of materials and inventory depreciation list


Expand your stock administration system with useful additions to benefit from the multitude of functions:

  • Lot and serial number administration by FIFO or LIFO system
  • Bill of materials and set lists
  • MDE-stock: mobile entry of inventory data, receipts and deliveries

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