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Project management (incl. personnel deployment planning)

The BMDProject solutions are ideal for enterprises or firms which organise processes project-based such as business consultants, architects, engineering firms, but also for industrial and trading companies.  

Whether customer assignments or internal projects, all require control and checking on the one hand, measurement of success on the other. BMD supports therefore, with the project management software:

  • Project orientation
  • Project control
  • Projects in general 

The powerful tolls of BMD Project planning can be adapted in a flexible manner and are completely linked to other BMD modules:

  • Project plan
  • Project portfolio (as part of the project portfolio management) 
  • Project reports/evaluations 
  • Project navigator (for information from all areas) 
  • Project checklist

The graph below shows the complete integration of project planning with other BMD modules: 

Project plan

With BMD project plan you can reflect or classify operation packages, processes and milestones.  The flexible design option of the entry mask enables each project leader or each user maximum efficiency for working with the project plan. 

Project-relevant information is represented in a clear manner and forms the basis for optimal management of project plans. 

Project plan templates facilitate entry of new projects. With these projects can be created and started in the shortest time. 

Die Project management software supports you with:

  • Event lists
  • Milestone lists 
  • Gantt-diagrams
  • Project structure plans
  • Plan tables
  • Project reports/evaluations  
  • Capacity comparisons 


The software enables you to define operations, such as planned values for start, end and duration. The operation can reflect both the processing status and degree of completion. TPlanned costs, turnover (sales rates) and cost types can be lodged for the staff allocated for an operation and be transmitted to the planned-cost accounting.  

Service recording

Via BMD BSR/CAR a service can be referenced / saved to an operation: This enables you to refer to given values from the operation and reach an exact target-/actual-comparison.

Also benefit from an import-/export interface to MS Project.

You determine the available personnel resources and can thus also target-/actual-comparisons.   

A comparison within BMD-CRM (optional) can be carried out.  There is an optional or automatic entry of events/tasks for personnel allocation to the operation. Furthermore project documents can be linked to operations and be lodged under the document management system. Log your project controlling-meetings with the CRM-meeting log.  

Project portfolio 

The project portfolio guarantees a superior management of all projects and enables a comprehensive monitoring or control of projects.  

The advantage of this portfolio management lies in the disclosure of synergies, in assessing the status of projects but also in providing vital information (e.g. starting date, end date, costs, risks, etc.)  

The integration with BMD Financial accounting enables a permanent, automatic cost monitoring of the projects selected according to the given parameters. 


Pre-defined reporting types (pre-defined tables) support you with creating of reports e.g. project milestone target, project function diagram, project event list, etc. The design of the reports can be in any form and is focussed on the target groups of the recipient (e.g. project leader or management).  

With the powerful PEP report designer you can create clear reports of the projects and evaluate them e.g. target- and actual-comparison of the hours and costs of your project. The three different evaluation types (deployments, project plan, planning objects) enable the coverage of all individual. 

The printing list offers you the possibility to group all reports and evaluations into dynamic printing batches and to save them under freely definable names. For this you can not only access reports of the PEP-module, but also from the different NTCS-packages. In this way project leaders can generate a report (incl. cover sheet, table of contents, external documents, etc. ) dynamically and at the push of a button. 

Project navigator

In all BMD programmes there is the option to record the following information project-related:

  • Costs 
  • Contracts
  • Times 
  • Investments
  • Tasks
  • Events

Reach information in a simple manner

From this there is a clear recording of all operations that relate to one project. It becomes visible through the project navigator. All information related to a project can be called up programme-overlapping. The information is easily reached and also without programme knowledge, each person can inform himself about essential matters in an easy and targeted manner. This includes offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices, as well as telephone call, events or documents.  

The contact journal is a clear and chronological display of all activities carried out for a project.   

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