Personnel Resource Planning

The personnel resource planning (PRP) offers you the option of planning and scheduling of specific assignments /tasks as planning object.

Definition template

With a template for specific assignments (e.g. repeat assignments) you can carry out tasks and the assessment of all assignments within the planning period. 

Integration into BMD Module

The personnel resource planning is integrated into many BMD modules:

  • CRM: You can link events and tasks to assignments or also record an assignment log for project controlling. 
  • CAR: You can refer to a process when recording the activity. In this way it is possible to use given values from the operation and to draw up an exact target/actual-comparison.   
  • COAC: Planned costs, sales or sales records and cost types can be lodged and transferred to the planned-cost accounting.  
  • PI: You have access to the personnel information system and can undertake diverse allocations (e.g. of features).

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