Service entry

BMD entry 

  • Services can be listed by employee, cost center, cost unit, activity, assignment number, day or wage type. Unrequired service specifications can be removed from view
  • The entered services will only be assessed once posted to Payroll and/or cost accounting. The processing member of staff will be able to view neither wage nor hourly rate
  • The service characteristic entry sequence can be formatted to fit the form
  • Overtime automatic: Hours served in excess of plan will be automatically recognized as overtime
  • Holiday automatic: Normal hours served on a public holiday will be converted automatically to holiday remuneration
  • Period entry e.g. for vacation or sick leave
  • Option to enter machine service
  • All entered services can be viewed on screen during the entry process and listed by wage type, activity, cost center or unit, day or week
  • Continuous plan-actual hour comparison possible
  • Automatic service exchange: 

    • If e.g. an employee is set to work for a different cost center, simply modify the prompted cost center to the appropriate position. Cost accounting will automatically debit the respective cost center

  • The payroll program link-automatic is also active in service entry
  • Transfer of services from foreign systems in CSV-Format
  • Transfer of services from duty schedule: 

    • Use he duty schedule to define employee to cost unit

  • Check service inputs: 

    • Using table form (Horizontal = calendar week, Vertical = Employee) to check entries

Transfer to Payroll 

  • Define the transfer filter: 

    • Determine the wage type to be used for a given group of staff that is not to be transferred to payroll

  • Service assessment: 

    • Assess services with either actual values from Payroll (= standard) or cost center assessment

  • Various non-service times (sick, accident, vacation, ...) will be applied tot he respective wage index
  • Multiple monthly transfers possible

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