PPS Task Schedule

The work plan is the main tool for process planning and supplements the PPS Materials module.   

Definition work steps

Here the individually required work steps for production are defined in the form of operations.  For the individual operations these are:

  • variable and fixed setup and processing times , 
  • transition times, 
  • employee and 
  • target-costs

All production charges in overview 

If actual data is recorded for the operations in addition and via the BDE-time of PPS or via PPS-CAM, a target-actual comparison can be carried out at any time. The current production capacities and work reserve are clearly displayed.  A graphic target table enable more detailed planning on the one hand, on the other hand it offers a further overview of production. An own capacity model can be defined for each workstation, if needed on the basis of day and week models from BMD-time entry. Furthermore tools can be managed, allocated to the work plan and thus plan and managed in the system.  

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