PPS - M.D.C. Connection of measuring devices

The module PPS – M.D.C.  is extended by a further interface log.  In this way, a further scale type can be used for example. 

PPS MGA enables the connection of

  • Measuring devices, 
  • Measurement reading devices, 
  • Control units and similar to BMD-PPS. 

A typical measuring device in this case is a scale. They can be connected to the computer system and the weight data can be recorded in real time. 

Control directly via the system 

The scales connected in this way to PPS can be controlled directly via the system, the employee therefore does not need the scale-display. The system can carry out numerous defined checks (tolerance deviations, stock level check, quality status check) before and after weighing.  

The connection of supported I/O-cards for signal transmission to a SPS is also possible (e.g. to control a production line). An interface log is included.  

Apart from numerous models from numerous other manufacturers, the following models can be effortlessly connected:  

  • Mettler Toledo, 
  • Bizerba, 
  • Sartorius, 
  • Systec, 
  • UWE and 
  • Kern.

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