PPS - Material

BMD PPS core module for optimal production  

The production module processes the tasks and production orders from ERP.  If needed, the production requirement is allocated to one task position over several production charges according to the optimal production quantity or increased to a minimal production quantity, which is maybe influenced by technical or economical criteria.  The individual products are allocated for production to the workstations required with the necessary raw materials.   

The planned data can be printed or listed on screen per workstation.

Plan production data

Optimal flow of materials   

The materials used for a finished product during production can be recorded.  Numerous possibilities are offered, such as internal picking to feed a high bay racking system.  In addition to the bill of materials, a so-called product distribution can be entered with PPS-material, when secondary and additional products (by-products) are due from production. Breakdown bills of material can be represented in the system via product distribution.   

For batch keeping systems of goods, a complete batch tracking system exists at the push of a button in the system, on the one hand back to goods receipt and suppliers, on the other hand to all customers who have received products with the raw materials concerned. All finished goods and semi-finished goods are clearly identified with a batch number.   

Quality control   

For the individual products it is possible to represent a three-level quality control system. The control options are freely definable. Furthermore the quality control rule cards can be printed for current quality controls.  

The authorisation administrator enables each user to define an adjusted work area. 

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