PPS CAM – Machine -/block connection


The XML–interface integrated in BMD PPS integrierte XML-Interface opens possibilities for Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), as it enables a smooth interactive communication with machine controls (SPS/PC). 

Machine control can 

  • Receive and evaluate instructions from BMD PPS, 
  • Report back to BMD PPS production progress, materials consumption etc.  

This interface brings fully automated or partially automated manufacturing one step closer.  

The XML-Interface corresponds to normal standards and can be implemented effortlessly with most systems with or without minor adjustments. 

Even those systems whose standards do not match BMD can be linked via transformation–software.

Usage in practice

The XML-Interface is soften used in practice to import into BMD bills of materials directly from construction (e.g. Nemetschek Allplan) and then process further. In this way it is not only possible to connect production plants via this standardised interface,  but also foreign systems.

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