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BMD Financial Planning software – ready for the future

BMD Financial Planning increases transparency into your company’s revenues, costs, profits and liquidity. This provides the basis for your business’ future success.


BMD Controlling comprises three planning elements:

  • Budgeted profit and loss account
  • Financial plan
  • Budgeted balance sheet

Budgeted profit and loss account

With the budgeted P+L based on the current year the budget values for the next year(s) are recorded and compared with revenues and expenses. Budget values from BMD Cost AccountingERP and Payroll can be taken.

Financial plan

In the financial plan the payment flows and liquidity are mapped on the basis of actual cash movements in the FIAC. The financial plan can be created according to either direct or indirect method.

Budget balance sheet

The budget balance sheet is based on figures in the income statement and financial plan. It represents the future net worth and capital position of your company. It is also the basis for the determination of ratios (profitability, BEP, ROI).

Additional features

At month's end simulate a financial statement at the push of a button. It represents a precise picture of the earnings, financial and asset position of the company.

BMD Financial Planning also allows you to:

  • Calculate imputed values
  • Calculate business metrics
  • Integrate informative budget-detail plans (e.g. repayment plans, investment plans, staffing plan)
  • Create a multi-year plan
  • Map different scenarios and 
  • Present the analysis graphically via Reporting.

BMD as a basis for decision

With the data obtained from BMD Controlling you can assess your situation correctly, and analyse and understand variances from the plan. You know where your stand and are fully prepared for the future. You recognize if there are problems, analyse the cause of them and decide on an action plan to meet your yearly target.

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