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Reflect processes

Via the workflows different processes of your enterprise can be reflected in a set of rules for functions and employees responsible. In this way e.g. documents for different sets of rules can be lodged to reflect the flow through the enterprise. An offer, e.g. which still has to be checked by the seller or from a certain amount by head of sales, as well as a contract which also has to be checked by the managing director, can be redirected to the instance responsible for further processing.

Authorise events, release billings  

There are many other usages. In addition there are also workflows for the authorisation of events  (e.g. holidays, training …) and the release of billings in time entry.  

Maintain an overview

As instrument for the workflows there are tasks, which are created according to rules which need to be specified. By completing a task you reach the next step in the defined process, until all steps have been carried out. For each document it is clear which workflow was gone through and where it currently is.  

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