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BMD CRM adapts to your internal organisational processes and simplifies your daily work through comprehensive integration into the BMD environment. 

Master data, main functions 

The administration of all master data is self-evident. This includes a.o.


  • Master data from clients, partners, affiliates a. other contacts 
  • Employees responsible, incl. variable definition of areas (accountant responsible, who does the bookkeeping …)  
  • Customer groups, list of addressees  

The management of contacts for a client is included as well as the management of institutions – tax offices, municipalities, health insurance providers, …

Benefit from the list generator. With it you have many filtering, sorting and comparison options.  Included are also the export and printout of each screen view.

Work relief is also rendered by the master data update for FIAC, the own accounting, the internal service recording and payroll accounting. 

Numerous authorisation options restrict the following activities to one authorised user group

  • Change system settings    
  • Viewing of or access to sensitive data  
  • Editing of comprehensive data quantities (archive, companies, data categories)

Customer-Navigator – help yourself!

The comprehensive and readily accessible customer file is reality. All data which is in any relation to the customer can be called up quickly and clearly. 

With one click you access the data you want, be it customer master data, responsibilities or documents.

In the telephone directory you can immediately find each telephone number or email address of your customer. With the chronicle you manage memos, remarks, information – e.g. special agreements – for a specific customer. In the same way access to the customer account and open items is possible. All contacts to a customer can be found bundled and structured in the contact journal. The customer calendar provides information about customer appointments and tasks.

Classic office management takes place with BMD CRM. Comfortable overviews are available via the symbol bar or quick start bar at the click of a button. In the employee calendar the most important working tools (tasks, events) of the employee are summarised. In BMD CRM the following is available:


The event management enables the entry and checking of events per employees, employee groups, customers/suppliers, institutions, etc. Events can be distributed over several employees and be delegated e.g. to other colleagues. 


The task manager contains all recorded tasks. Tasks are used to distribute work to employees responsible. The advantage for using tasks instead of emails is that tasks can be traced back and because of the allocation to the customer and employee, an overview of the tasks started is easily possible.  

Tasks can be created not only in the task manager but also in the mail administrator, in the meeting log, telephone log, in the document manager or via a workflow. 


The telephone log serves to register and record timing of all incoming and outgoing calls which you have with customers, institutions and other persons or their contacts. 

Contact journal

The contact journal contains, depending on the settings, all information (so-called contacts) which have been saved for a customer, supplier, institution, etc., such as events, tasks, telephone calls, documents, post items, meeting logs and /or events.   


The resource manager offers a kind of "rental system". The different "tools" (resources), which are available to the employees to carry out their tasks, can be entered in the resource manager and are then also available in other programmes, such as the event calendar. 

Meeting log

The meeting log offers you the option to plan, carry out and log meetings. You have the option to allocate tasks, events, resources, participants and/or documents. Events and tasks, which arise in the course of the meeting, can be immediately passed on or delegated in the log to person(s) concerned. The logs can be protected from editing or viewing until they are released. 

Campaign management

The campaign manager offers you the possibility to plan campaigns, start them with several participants and to monitor their progress and status according to diagrams. A campaign passes through one or more actions per participant (tasks), whereby one can also create a link to other programmes (standard letter, telephone log, etc.). A campaign is created as project and gets allocated a workflow. This workflow in turn consists of one or more task actions which can have several features. 


The survey manager offers you an overview of all surveys prepared, created and evaluated with their participants and responses. The surveys can be carried out telephonically with the help of a link to the standard letter, written or online.  


The online-survey is a tool which offers you the possibility to send your individually-designed survey to your target group comfortably by mail link. The customer only needs to call up the link and can then immediately carry out the survey and the results are at once available in NTCS. A costly sending of the questionnaires per mail or post, postal charges as well as waiting for the response by the customer fall away here, as the responses are immediately visible to you in the system. 

Event manager

The event manager is a comprehensive tool to manage activities, events, seminars, including participants, referees and resources. Multiple links to CRM can be created, for example to the event manager and to the contact journal.  The multi-select option of events and participants, which the event manager offers, result in a considerable number of and simplified editing, printing and filtering options. The event templates offer an "intelligent" event entry of repeating events.  


During normal operation of CRM your employees record a great deal of information. Insofar as this information is in connection customers, suppliers, possible suppliers or prospects from the personnel master data management, NTCS offers the possibility to list it and show it in the CRM-reports (contacts control, statistics, comparison of statistics) according to various criteria.
In the contacts statistics these contacts are displayed for a defined period. All logged events in the contacts journal are show in the contacts statistics.  
The contacts statistics comparison offers you the possibility to record two periods concerning intensity and type of contact with the customer/prospect/supplier/possible supplier. The contact statistics of two independently defined periods can be compared here. The person himself is in the foreground for contact control. In the columns the contacts per contact type are summed. Persons without contact data are also listed.  

Depending on the report, you can set limits e.g. per customer, employee, contact type, period as well as managing director and administrator.  


The idea manager enables registration and finding of ideas.
You will find a deleted idea as task under CRM → Extras → deleted objects and it also be retrieved again.  

The ideas manager can be called up directly from the telephone log (extras → record ideas) or from the task manager (Functions → Convert tasks to ideas) so that a quick entry of ideas is possible.
The ideas can also be viewed in the contact journal if it has been allocated to a person.  


Under the Alarm manager you can set one or more alarms for reminding and an overview of all set reminders for the registered user is shown.  

Internal messages 

The internal messages can be used in the CRM for the automatic notification for new registration or changes in events, tasks and deadlines by other employees. The second option is notification via email. Otherwise it can also be used as internal communication tool.  

Deleted objects

In the management of „deleted objects“ all deleted tasks, events and ideas (as deleted tasks) are shown. Data records deleted by accident can be recreated here, but only by the owner, as well as the person who deleted the data record.  
Events, tasks and ideas are reset to that state in which they were before deleting took place.   

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